wedding staging
This day is all about you! we would like to create the ambiance and theme that represents the

holiday decorating
From work to home Unique Transitions can make every holiday or party memorable.

design consultation
This service begins with an onsite visit to asses your sense of style and assist you in developing your unique vision. We work with you to select the right decor, furnishings, color schemes, and accessories to reflect your personality and originality. Through our design consulting, together we will transform your surroundings to achieve your Unique Transition.

move-in solution
So you have made the Transition to a new home, let's make it Unique! Together we can paint your new canvas that will make you always want to be at home. One room or a whole house, together we will make your new space uniquely yours.

At Unique Transitions a space can be transformed from ordinary to Unique using creative placement and maximizing the spaces potentional. A one-day makeover is a budget friendly way to create a whole new space using your existing furnishings and accessories.

personal decor shopping
At Unique Transitions we fuse your lifestyle, budget, and taste with our personalized shopping service. If you don’t have the time, we will shop till we drop to help you to find that perfect furniture piece, fabulous accessory, or anything your room or event will need to complete your Unique decorating or staging project.

office redsign
We can design your workspace to be both functional and insperational. We can work with any size space to maximize both employee and space productivity. We focus on your Unique business needs to ensure your office space makes people want to come to work.